Welcome to Chiangmai!

Your first time visit to Chiangmai and your not always sure of what to expect of the second largest city in Thailand. It is only one fortieth the size of the capital and its very unlikly the capital in most others are respected. Its the oldest continuously inhabited city in Thailand, Chiangmai also has great antiquity  in many of the buildings as well as the carefully preserved moat constructed by King Mengrai over 700 years ago. In the old city there are numerous  Buddhist Temples and other monuments representing the districts history of the city. It's an attractive destination with sights and charms found only here in the picturesque northern region of Thailand.Today, Chiangmai offers visitors an excellent range of facilities with accommodation and with definitely something to suite all tastes and budgets. 
The natural attractions of Chiangmai draws visitors from around the world for bamboo rafting, elephant riding, trekking and there are more activities to be found on our site.